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Automatic Arc Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-11S

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Super compact splicing machine Fujikura FSM-11S SpliceMate is applicable at installation and operation of local and intra-city optical networks. With its linear dimensions of about 10 cm and weight 810 g, the machine can automatically identify and splice all major types of optical fibers, quickly and accurately assess the loss, and test KDZS for stress and heat shrink.


Key features:

  • Super-compact
  • Super-light
  • Splices all major types of fibers.



Types of spliced fibers

Single quartz optical fibers:

Single-mode (SM, ITU-T G.652)

Multimode (MM, ITU-T G.651)

Single-mode with shifted dispersion (DS, ITU-T G.653)

Single-mode with shifted zero dispersion (NZDS, ITU-T G.655)

Fiber sheath diameter

125 µm

Protective coating diameter

250 or 900 µm

Fiber stripping length

10 mm

Standard loss at a splice joint

0.05 dB for SM

0.02 dB for MM

0.08 dB for DS

0.08 dB for NZD

Standard splicing time

15 sec. for   standard SM fiber

Reflection factor from a spliced joint

Not more than -60 dB

Splicing programs

40 user-adjustable splicing programs and up to 60 pre-installed splicing programs

Estimation of loss at a splice joint


Saving of splicing results

Internal memory allows keeping of up to 2000 splicing results

Arc calibration

Automatic real-time during splicing (in AUTO mode)

Auto-calibration function (for other modes)

Scanning of splice point

By X and Y axis serially with the help of two cameras at a 3.5" LCD

Enragement of a splice point


Test of splice point for mechanical strength

Tensile force 200 g

KDZS heat shrinkage

Built-in heater. 10 user-adjustable heating modes and up to 20 pre-set heating modes

Heat shrink time

About 40 sec. for KDZS-40 manufactured by Fujikura

Types of applied KDZS

Standard 60 mm or 40 mm long, and of the pricked size

Duration of independent operation at battery supply

About 30 sec. with heat shrink from full-charged battery BTR-07 (at heat shrink 25°С and activated energy conservation mode)

Power supply

From AC mains 100-240 V or DC 10-15 V, and from accumulator battery BTR-07


USB 1.1

Wind screen

Max. permissible wind velocity 10 m/s

Service conditions

Temperature: from -10°С to +50°С

Relative humidity: from 0 to 95% (without condensation)

Corresponds to pressure-altitude variation from 0 to 3600 m above sea level

Storage conditions

Temperature: from -40°С to +80°С

Relative humidity: up to 95% (without condensation)


110 mm x 80 mm x 100 mm (width, length, height)


640 g (without battery)

810 g (with battery)

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