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Automatic Arc Fusion Splicer Coringer AFS-48

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Fully automatic splicing machine CORINGER AFS-48 with auto alignment by the fiber core. Compact and lightweight splicing machine of comfortable and ergonomic design. Software allows splicing of fiber types mainly used fiber optical communication lines to date. Self-powered, wide operating temperature range and wind protection ensure low loss under field conditions. Thanks to suggestions and advice of the leading experts, this model has become the most productive, accurate, fast and reliable on the market of Chinese splicing equipment.

The unit retains all the advantages of the former model AFS-40, but due to the reduced overall dimensions and weight became more compact.


Specification of Coringer AFS-48

Fiber aligning method


Types of spliced fibers

  • Single-mode SM (ITU-TG.652),
  • Multimode MM (ITU-TG.651)

Spliced fiber diameter, µm



Coating diameter of the spliced fiber, µm

from 200 to 1500

Length of strapped fibers, mm


Real average loss at a splice joint

  • 0.02 dBfor SM
  • 0.01 dBfor ММ

Estimation of splicing loss

Based on cores shift and misalignment of diameters of mode spots of the spliced fibers. Angular cores misalignment is also considered for better estimation accuracy

Standard splicing time

9 sec. for SM fiber

Heat shrinkage

Built-in heater, heating time from 30 to 240 seconds, depending on the environmental conditions and used materials

Heat shrinkage time

30 s

Types of the applied heat shrink tubes

Standard, 60 mm or 40 mm long

Reflection factor from a splice joint

Not less than 60 dB

Splicing programs

188 user-adjustable splicing programs and 12 pre-set splicing modes

Saving of splicing results and parameters

Up to 5000 splicing results

Testing of splicing point for mechanical strength

Tensile force 200 g

Scanning of the splicing point

Simultaneously by X and Y with the help of two TV cameras on a 5” LCD, display tilt angle can be changed.


Additional lighting of grooves for work at poor lighting

Front-end interface

RS232 for data transfer on PC

Power supply

From AC mains 100 – 240 V, and from removable accumulator battery 11.1 V, 8000 mA*h

Number of splicing cycles with heat shrinkage in case of battery supply

About 160 cycles

Operating conditions

  • Relative air humidity from 0 to 95%;
  • Temperature from -10 to +50°С.

Wind screen

Maximum permissible wind velocity 15 m/s

Dimensions, mm

150 х 150 х 160

Weight, kg

3.52 (with battery)


Delivery set of welding machine Coringer AFS-48:

  • 1. Splicing machine Coringer AFS-48;
  • 2. Accumulator battery;
  • 3. AC adapter;
  • 4. AC power cord;
  • 5. Spare electrodes (a pair);
  • 6. Case with tweezers and a brush;
  • 7. Cable RS232;
  • 8. Receiving tray for thermo-contracting KDZS;
  • 9. Hard carrying case;
  • 10. Case strap;
  • 11. Manual on CD-ROM.
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