Fiber Optic Splice Closure Tyco Electronics FOSC-400B4

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Method sealing:
Max. number of welds:
Oval glands:
Number of round I/O:
Ability to install adapters:
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Fiber optic splice closure of average capacity. Maximum capacity - 96 splice joints. Fiber optic splice closure  FOSC-400B4 is designed for connection of cables with average number of fibers and for takeoff connections; storing of "transit" modules is also possible. Up to four cassettes of capacity 12, 16 and 24 splices can be installed in one fiber optic splice closure.

 For cable entry sleeve provides: four round ports (diameter of the input cable - 5 mm to 19 mm) and one oval port for two cables (the diameter of the cable input - from 10 mm to 25 mm). It can be used for cables, laid directly into the ground, in cable ducts or at overhead.


Engineering data:

Number of cable input ports and cable max. diameter, mm

4 x 19,   1 x 25 (or 2 x 25)

Max. number of splice-cassettes in a coupling and cassette type

4 x FOSC-B-TRAY-S24 (or cassettes FOSC-B-TRAY-S12, FOSC-B-TRAY-S16)

Maximum number of splices in a coupling


Dimensions, mm

540 x 205


Complete set of coupling FOSC-400B4-S24-1

  • Coupling assembly;
  • Tray FOSC-B-TRAY-S24 for maximum 24 separate splices – 1 piece;
  • Sealing set for oval input - 1 piece;
  • Installation specification in English;
  • Module tubes, nylon tie pieces, silica gel.

Another coupling set may be delivered as agreed with the customer.

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