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Fiber Optic Splice Closure CROSVER FOSC-MSC

Артикул: 167858
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1.208 kg
Method sealing:
Max. number of welds:
Oval glands:
Number of round I/O:
Ability to install adapters:
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Fiber optic splice closure for optical cable, terminal type. Designed for splicing and branching of optical cable at overhead, wall and underground installation.

Splice-cassettes and fixing elements for optical cable are placed in a housing of high-duty plastic. A special sealing tape is used for better sealing of the coupling at cable inputs. Material for the sealing tape is composed in such a way as to compensate mechanical stress arising during operation within temperature range -40°С to + 60°С. All metal components of the coupling are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The coupling is equipped with a built-in front panel SC-12.

Engineering data:

Number of the cable input ports and maximum cable diameter

4 × Ø12 mm

Maximum number of splice-cassettes in a coupling, and cassette type

1 x S023

Maximum number of welds in a coupling

12 / 24 (sleeves in two layers)

Number of seats on the front panel for SC-connectors



280 x 200 x 90 mm



Delivery set for coupling CROSVER FOSC-MSC023/24-1-12:

  • Coupling assembly;
  • Sealing tape;
  • Special key - 1 piece;
  • Splice-cassette with cover S023 – 1 piece;
  • Front panel SC-12;
  • Protective thermo-contracting sleeve 60 mm - 12 pieces;
  • Sand paper, wire, nylon tie pieces, identification tags, installation specification

Another coupling set may be delivered as agreed with the customer.

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