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Fast connector SC/UPC-FTTH-02

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Fast connector for the FinMark FTTHxxx-SMxx and Step4Net FTTHxxx-SMxx distribution fiber optic cables with single-mode optical fiber. These cables are used for the FTTH networks construction and organization of subscribers connection points.

No splicing is required for the installation. Only stripper and cleaver are needed for the connector installation. Connector design is simple and clear, and step by step illustrated guidebook allows its easy and fast installation onto the cable.

Fast-connector-SC-UPC-FTTH-02 2

Connector Insertion loss - <0.5 dB. Connector has ferrule with a pre-installed fiber segment  with end-face polished at plant conditions. It increases dramatically the quality and reliability of the connection.


The fibers joining occurs inside the connector in the environment of immersion gel that reduces reflection. Translucent plastic in place of joint allows to control the junction by the red light source.

Fast-connector-SC-UPC-FTTH-02 3

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