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Fast Connectors

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Fast connector SC/UPC-FTTH-02

Fast connector for the FinMark FTTHxxx-SMxx and Step4Net FTTHxxx-SMxx distribution fiber optic cables with single-mode optical fiber.
Manufacturer: Cor-X

Cor-X Fast connector SC/APC-FTTH-02

Connector is used for quick installation on the distribution fiber optic cables FinMark FTTHxxx-SMxx and Step4Net FTTHxxx-SMxx with single-mode optical fiber .The cables are used in the construction of FTTH networks and subscribers connections.
Manufacturer: Cor-X

Connector Cor-X FTTH MS-02

Optical fiber connector Cor-X FTTH MS-02 is used for quick and quality connection of FTTH cables (FinMark FTTHxxx-SMxx and Step4Net FTTHxxx-SMxx) without splicing.
Manufacturer: Cor-X

FinMark FTTH cable fiber divider

Divider is used to divide FinMark FTTH cable of FTTHxxx-SM-02, FTTHxxx-SM-18 series on 2 or 4 FTTH cables.
Manufacturer: Cor-X

FAST Connectors (SC, LC)

Connector can be easily fixed on the optical fiber’s end by mechanical connection. Connector does not need tools for assembling as the fixation gear is composed from clamping wedge (though such tools like stripper and cleaver are still needed) This connector can be mounted both on bare fiber (250 um), and on fiber in buffe (900 um).
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Manufacturer: Fujikura

Cor-X Fast Connector SC/UPC-3.0

Connector for fast mounting on so called «patchcorded» Optical cable with single-mode optical fiber and diameter of external coating 3 mm, used for laying inside buildings during making of networks FTTH.
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Manufacturer: Cor-X

Cor-X Fast Connector SC/UPC-FTTH

Connector for fast mounting on distributional optical cable with a single-mode optical fiber FinMark FTTHxxx-SMxx and Step4Net FTTHxxx-SMxx,used during making of networks FTTH and setting subscriber’s connection points.
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Manufacturer: Cor-X