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FoxGate E908 - Modular Managed Switch

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High-performance Modular Managed Switch FoxGate E908 chassis based with 10 line-card slots. Can be equipped with 2 management cards and 8 short or 4 long business cards. Depending of network requirements, cards can be equipped with different numbers of ports.

Modular Managed Switch FoxGate E908 has redundant power supplies, ventilation and managment modules. This ensures continuous operation and full system redundancy. All cards are hot-swappable, that allows to add or change them in real time without service interruption.

High reliability and flexible management of the ports allows us to recommend this switch to use at kernel-level and in the corporate and carrier networks, distributed LANs.


  • FoxGate E908 supports up to 32 (4 * 8), 10 Gb ports or 192 (48 * 4) Gb ports, thus providing flexibility and high port density.
  • 10G modules can be connected to the L3 and L2 switches at the distribution level, which, prevents delays and packet loss.
  • Master-slot updates automatically the firmware and configuration on the slave slot.
  • Protocols supportMPLS, L3 MPLS-VPN/VPLS and MPLS-TE/FRR, allows traffic transfer ofIP-packets, SDH frames and Ethernet.
  • RIP and OSPF provides dynamic routing, and exchange routes with other L3 switches or routers.
  • High reliability, provided by redundancy of backbones (STP, RSTP,MSTP), routers (VRRP) and by the trunks organization  for fast network performance recovery after  accidents on backbones. MRPP (Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol) support provides a rapid recovery of channels at different levels. This protocol provides faster convergence, easier route calculation than STP, which improves the reliability of Ethernet networks.
  • Protocols support: DVMRP, PIM-DM/SM and IGMPv1/v2/v3, check of multicast VLAN’s, control of the multicast streams and illegal multicast source detect provides the optimal transmission of different types of multicast traffic in multiservice networks. Multi-level means for traffic classifying and prioritizing - eight priority queues per port 802.1p, DiffServ, DSCP (Differntial Service Code Point field), traffic prioritization and bandwidth limitations of applications and users on the level of IP-and MAC-addresses, TCP / UDP-ports to ensure timely delivery of mission-critical and multimedia data, regardless of level of network congestion
  • Flexible means to provide secure management and diagnostics: SNMP, Telnet, SSH, console port for LAN-management, the use of a set of commands similar to the equipment used in Cisco, the ability to mirror traffic from any port.

Backplane Bandwidth

>1,54 Tbps

Switching Capability


Forwading rate



2 MI (Management slot)
4 long business slots
8 short business slots

MAC table


Routing table

MAX 512K IPv4 256K IPv6

VLAN table




10/100/1000BASE-T: MAX 192
1000Base-SX: MAX 192
1000Base-LX: MAX 192
10G: MAX 13


Loopback interface
9k Jumbo Frame
Port loop detect

Link aggregation

Aggregation 802.3ad LACP, 128 groups in each of up to 8 ports
Union membership for VLAN (VLAN Trunking)

Spanning Tree Construction

Supported protocols: STP, RSTP, MSTP (48 instance)


Support DCHP Client, Relay Snooping, Option 82
DHCP Server for IPv4 and Ipv6
DHCP v6 and DHCP snooping V6


QinQ, GVRP, Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control Port/ MAC/ IP segment/ Portocol/ Voice/ Private/ VLAN support Multicast VLAN register/MVR for IPv4 and IPv6

Protocol 802.1q, 1024 and 4094 dynamic entries


DVMRP, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-SM/DM/SSM for IPv6, 6 to 4 Tunnels, configured Tunnels, ISATAP Multicast receive control Illegal multicast source detect


Default Routing, Static Routing, Black hole route, VLSM
and CIDR, RIPv1/V2, OSPFv2, BGP4 (2-byte ASN), support MD5
authentication LPM Routing RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4 + (2-byte ASN) support



8 priority queues per port 802.1p
Queuing algorithm: SPQ, SWRR, WRR
Prioritization based on DiffServ (DSCP)
IP precedence
Traffic shaping


Supports standard and extended ACL
Supports ACL based on source / definition IP, MAC, L3 IP, TCP / UDP port number, IP PRI (DSCP, ToS, Precedence)


S-ARP: ARP inspection, defense ARP-DOS attack and address clone
Port credit: inspect illegal DHCP Server, Radius Server. Connection via credit port only
Switch engine CPU protection
S-ICMP: resist PING-DOS attack, ICMP unreachable attack


Console RS-232 interface (command line)
Telnet CLI (Command Line Interface)
Security management SSH v1/v2

IEEE 802.1X

Base Port, MAC, authentication
Supports account based on time length and traffic
Supports guest VLAN and auto VLAN
Work with private client can manage P2P traffic


Supports RADIUS for IPV4 and IPv6


Support, RAM, Telnet, SSH Console, Syslog server

Physical Specification


482,6 x 450 x 708 (16U)

Input voltage

AC: Input 90~260V, 50~60 Hz;
DC: Input -36V~72V,
Output 12V/25A, 5V/10A

Operating humidity

10% ~ 90%

Maximum power consumption


Operating temperature

0 … 40°C

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