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Ethernet cable FinMark FTP CAT5e

Cable type:
Conductor material:
Number of cores:




Application: for fixed cabling inside of buildings, plants, premises and equipment. Cable shell is made from polyvinylchloride elastron (PVC) of grey color. Under shell there is common screen of alumina polymer tape. Outer cable diameter is 6.1 mm.


The main electric properties:

  • Impedance (100±15) Ohm
  • Direct current resistance is 94 Ohm/km
  • Maximum, minimum and average operation temperatures;
  • Propagation velocity is 0,68×s

Mechanical properties:

  • Cable consists of 4 pairs of conductors weaved between each other.
  • Conductor material: copper wire of 0.51 mm in dia (24 AWG)
  • Conductor insulation is polyethylene, conductor diameter in insulation is 1.03 mm
  • Temperature range:
  • installation -10 °C … +60 °C;
  • operating -30 °C … +60 °C.
  • Minimal bending radius:
  • During erection (dynamic) ≥ 8 x cable diameters.
  • After erection (constant) ≥ 4 x cable diameters.
  • Tensile load ≤ 85 Н
  • In cable there is applied conventional color identification of conductors:
    pair 1: white-blue ⁄ blue
    pair 2: white-orange ⁄ orange
    pair 3: white-green ⁄ green
    pair 4: white-brown ⁄ brown

    Packing: Cable is packed into carton boxes as per Reelex principle, allowing pull cable end out freely except for cable with steel carrying wire. Due to strong rigidity self-carrying cable is wound like coil and packed in carton box.


In this article one can introduce oneself with recommendations referring selection of qualitative cable.

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