Patch Managment System dotMAX

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IT management systems are powerful tools to support administrators in their daily work. Data-Complex has set itself the goal of filling in the last “blank spot”, the physical level. The result of the company’s efforts is the Patch Management System, a universally retrofittable system based on the patented radio frequency localisation (RFL) technology.

Unrivalled and fast
.max is unique! The solutions proposed by Data-Complex may be applied to all data networks with more than 200 users: in banks and data processing centers, companies and hospitals. Simple user guidance is provided by Bluetooth and PDA features, thus allowing a simplified and errorless execution of patch orders. The management system ensures a task-oriented deployment of required patch orders.

rfl.jpg RFL-Chips
They are integrated in each plug of a patch cord.
maxanalyzer.jpg  .maxANALYZER
Each network rack is provided with an analyzer. As the system’s central control unit it coordinates and monitors the communication between the .maxLINE units and the .maxWARE. It communicates through the Ethernet interface with the .maxWARE or through Bluetooth with a mobile terminal device (PDA).
maxline.jpg  .maxLINE read-out unit
This multi-patented device detects the RFL chips position and thereby determinates the socket in which the cord is inserted. In addition, its front panel is provided with light-emitting diodes for user prompting during path orders. The .maxUNIT communicates with the .maxANALYZER.
maxware.jpg  .maxWARE
This software controls the processes and registers all data in a database. It immediately recognizes any invalid access and supports the administrator in planning and organizing certain tasks such as path order scheduling.

The Patch Management System .max is an intelligent and universally retrofittable solution for detecting network components. Whether copper or optical fiber cords, active devices or passive panels – each plug inserted in a rack will be actively monitored. The connection is identified by contactless detection and displayed by the .maxLINE unit. All data converge at the network administrator’s management panel, allowing him to recognize whether connections are correct or false. In addition, it is easily possible to couple third-party software and the system’s own hardware through standard interfaces. <pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"> Green light for the operator: light-emitting diodes and plaintext instructions give guidance for connection tasks in the rack. No matter where, no matter when: modifications can be made even by non-professionals. Information is provided by PDA to the user who is then directed through buildings to the switch cabinet inside which cords must be re-plugged. The current connection status is directly displayed on the panel through LEDs. Patch orders can be completed more easily and without errors. The WARE application controls the processes and registers all data in a database. Any physical connections ranging from telephone systems, hubs, switches and routers to passive panels are monitored in real time.

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