Twisted pair cable tester Cor-X UA-3093

Код: 051930
Gross (weight):
0.179 kg
4 отзыв(а-ов)

Portable twisted pair cable tester Cor-X UA-3093 is used for UTP, STP, telephone cables with RJ-45, RJ-11 connectors, to the definitions of integrity, shoring of conductors.

Cable tester is used for checking the cable status before and after installation. This device has two speeds of testing, it consists of an active and passive parts.

Detachable module for testing connects to the remote end of the cable, that allows to one person to test whole the line. Active module checks the status of each wire in the cable. Connection is indicated by LED’s on the modules.

Tester checks:

·        cabling

·        crimp connectors (RJ-45, RJ-11)

·        line break

·        short-circuit

·        screen integrity (STP)

Connector type:

·        RJ-45 x 2

·        RJ-11 x 2

Power supply: 9 volt battery (IEC 6LR61) sold separately.

Dimensions: 104 x 102 x 28 mm

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