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Аctive EoC equipment ARCOTEL EOC-MO350-2G


EOC-MO350-2G series EoC local side equipment (also known as «CBAT») is the active EoC equipment that design and develop based on digital modulation-demodulation technology (HomePlug AV/IEEE P1901). This CBAT equipment realize bidirectional transformation on the basis of original HFC network, realized the broadband data access.

The main features:

  • High speed: Adopt high-speed multi-carrier modulation technique, physical layer rate up to 700Mbps.
  • Strong anti-interference ability: OFDM modulation, multi-carrier technology ensures stable data transmission in the noise environment.
  • High security: Adopt 128 bit DES data encryption; effectively protect the data transmission security.
  • Strong network adaptability: Adopt standard interface, signal can transparently transmit to amplifier, tap etc equipment, and realize fast installation and debugging.
  • Long transmission distance: The maximum attenuation distance of the coaxial network no less than 500m.
  • Provide 220V AC and 60V AC two power input interface.
  • Rich service application types: Support EoC link multicast monitor, multicast manage the whole EoC network. Support service priorities distinction based on IP-TOS, ensure the time-sensitive application of VOD and VoIP. Support VLAN (802.1Q) standard, ensure privacy requirements.
  • Strong network management function: Support EOC-M350-MS network management platform centralized management function.
  • Provide support for the effective and stable perational network.
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