RGB's TransAct product family for OTT services deployment

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RGB's TransAct product family offers video service providers a flexible solution for the high-quality transcoding and delivery of video to a myriad of devices. Offering a number of software components for various applications, TransAct products can be delivered as a software-only solution, allowing customers to deploy on their choice of hardware platform, or on an RGB-supported appliance – the Application Media Server (AMS) – providing a high-performance, turnkey solution.

Designed to support the needs of today's new media customer, RGB's TransAct Family consists of the following components:
•    TransAct Transcoder
•    TransAct Commander
•    TransAct Packager
•    Application Media Server (AMS)
TransAct products can also work in conjunction with RGB's industry-leading multi-screen live streaming delivery platform – the Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG™) – for highly scalable and flexible transcoding deployments.


RGB TransAct Transcoder
At the heart of the TransAct family of products is RGB's TransAct Transcoder. Specifically designed for the next generation of video delivery, the TransAct Transcoder is offered as a software license or a dedicated, 1 RU appliance with the flexibility to support three transcoding modes of operation in a unified platform: stream-to-stream (S2S), file-to-file (F2F), and RGB's unique on-demand transcoding (ODT), a powerful and useful combination of F2S and F2F for long-tail content. Addressing transcoding needs for IPTV, web and mobile applications, the TransAct Transcoder accommodates on-demand and live video delivery needs with market leading price performance, flexibility, scalability, and interoperability.

Modern transcoding requires the flexibility to decode a wide variety of current and emerging codec formats including VP8, H.264, MPEG-2, Windows Media, Flash, Sorenson, and more. At the same time, encoding needs are expanding, given the swift evolution of video consumption across multiple screens—TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The TransAct Transcoder gives content owners, hosters, and delivery providers this flexibility, while also meeting demanding real-time, quality and concurrency needs.

RGB offers the TransAct Transcoder as either a software license or as an appliance. The software license-only solution ships on a DVD and allows customers to deploy on their choice of server-based hardware platform. Running on an RGB-supported appliance – the Application Media Server (AMS) – TransAct Transcoder provides a minimum MTBF of 100,000 hours, as the AMS is an extremely durable hardware appliance requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.

Advantages of RGB's TransAct Transcoder:
•    Real-Time Video Transcoding: Live and on-demand transcoding and delivery of streaming video content.
•    Policy-Based Transcoding: Performance-tuned for optimal balance between key transcoding criteria: concurrency, quality, and time-to-transcode.
•    Flexibility: Supports stream-to-stream (S2S), file-tofile (F2F) or on-demand in a single platform.
•    Scalability: Appliances can be clustered to create a system that easily scales from tens to thousands of concurrent transcodes.
•    Ease of Integration: Open XML-based-API ensures seamless integration with third-party platforms including device detection databases, content management systems and ad servers.
•    Reliability: Designed to meet carrier-class reliability standards including hot-swappable power supply and fans, redundant I/O, full mirroring and comprehensive system monitoring.


WebM, ASF, FLV, MP4, MPEG2-TS, MPEG-2 PS, AVI, 3GP, 3GPP (3G2), MP3

Video Codecs

VP8, WMV9 SP/MP/AP, VP6, MXF, H.264 BP/MP/HIP, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, M-JPEG, H.263, MPEG-4, Sorenson

Audio Codecs


Transport & application protocols


Delivery protocols

RTP, RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP Progressive Download, HTTP Live Streaming

RGB TransAct Commander
An important component of the RGB TransAct product family is the TransAct Commander. The TransAct Commander is a sophisticated software application packaged as a software license or a one rack unit server that manages and controls the on-demand transcoding operations and workflows supporting a single RGB TransAct Transcoder appliance or a cluster of up to 50 Transcoders. The TransAct Commander interfaces directly with the TransAct transcode appliance API providing back-end intelligence to route on-demand transcode requests to available TransAct Transcoders, balancing the workload and ensuring the on-demand transcoding application is always available by delivering failover and redundancy capabilities.

The TransAct Commander provides video service providers with a more efficient video transcoding environment. It fully optimizes the power of the TransAct Transcoder, and allows providers to easily scale the processing capacity of the on-demand transcoding solution by simply adding more appliances as additional processing power is needed.

TransAct Commander Advantages:
•    Load Balancing, Cluster Management, and Transcode Management: Manages and controls on-demand transcoding operations and workflows, supporting a single or cluster of transcoding appliances.
•    Low Latency Delivery While Transcoding: Notifies the TransAct Transcoder to immediately begin streaming or progressive downloading of a file once the first frame is transcoded.
•    Content Distribution: Once a transcode is complete, provides notification of file availability and stores content as a cache asset for future distribution upon subsequent requests via HTTP.
•    Application Integration: Provides integration with a full set of TransAct on-demand. transcoding or third-party applications via an intuitive XML-based API.
Cluster Management Functionality:
•    Streaming of Transcoded Files for Mobile or Internet: Provides streaming workflow management across multiple applications.
•    Cache Management: Manages various types of content including cached transcoded media, partially transcoded media, progressive download and RTSP streaming files.
•    Cluster Load Balancing: Responsible for balancing workload across all transcoding appliances in the cluster.
•    Cluster Workflow Configuration: Workflow cluster configuration is easily performed via the Web UI.
•    Cluster Software Update: Provides the capability to update software across a cluster of transcoding appliances.
•    Cluster Database Backup/Restore: Manages backup of the cluster workflow configuration database.
•    Server Failover: Standby TransAct Commander servers can be installed per on-demand transcoding cluster providing a warm failover capability.


RGB TransAct Packager

An increasing amount of premium video content is being viewed on desktop and mobile devices and will continue to grow in the coming years. Yet with that content being delivered over the open and unmanaged internet, this movement comes with challenges. Network bandwidth, firewalls and infrastructure support can all create issues for video and audio network traffic. The advent of adaptive streaming technology to reach these new devices helps to alleviate these challenges.


RGB's TransAct Packager segments streams using adaptive streaming technology to deliver video and audio to PCs, mobile devices, and set-top boxes. TransAct Packager ingests H.264 encoded video streams carried in an MPEG-2 transport stream (TS) and produces segmented output in Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and RTMP formats. Additionally, Packager can encrypt traffic using AES-128 for HLS and PlayReady for Smooth Streaming, integrating key exchange with leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) servers.

RGB TransAct Packager







The TransAct Packager works seamlessly with RGB's Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG™) to provide a complete transcoding and packaging solution. A key advantage of separating transcoding from packaging functionality is the ability to leverage both centralized and distributed deployment architectures. The VMG provides a high-density, carrier-class hardware platform for the delivery of advanced video services, including high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video, as well as MPEG-4/H.264 and MPEG-2 video streams. The VMG transcodes multi-bitrate, multi-resolution streams that are suitable for mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as for consumption on PCs. Those streams are then sent directly to a co-located TransAct Packager or distributed over the network to edge locations for packaging the stream into Apple HLS or Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Packaged streams are delivered directly to origin web servers or to a content delivery network (CDN) for wider distribution to end devices.

Packaging has multiple significant benefits for mobile and PC delivery:
•    Adaptive streaming segments video into chunks that are reliably delivered using HTTP and can be easily buffered, compensating for packet drops and temporary bandwidth changes that are common on wireless networks.
•    The video is encoded at multiple bitrates and resolutions creating chunks of different sizes. A mobile client can adaptively select different chunks depending on the currently available delivery bandwidth, giving users the best possible video experience.
•    Leverages standard HTTP infrastructure (including CDNs), resulting in significant cost savings over legacy streaming technologies.
•    Eliminates the guesswork for content providers on what bitrates to encode for end devices.
•    Works seamlessly with firewalls by leveraging HTTP as the transport protocol.
•    Live and VOD workflows are almost identical. When a provider creates a live stream, the chunks can be kept for later VOD delivery.


RGB Application Media Server (AMS)
RGB Networks offers the TransAct family of products as either individual software components or as turnkey server appliances. When sold as an appliance, the software is pre-installed and optimized on an Application Media Server (AMS). With a minimum MTBF of 100,000 hours, the AMS is an extremely reliable hardware appliance requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.

AMS Hardware Specifications:


Up to six Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T) ports

Form Factor:

1 RU


•18.99" (W) x 30.39" (D) x 1.68" (H)
•  48.24 cm (W) x 77.2 cm (D) x 4.26 cm (H)


39 lbs / 17.69 Kgs


•  AC P/S operating in the range of 100V-240V
• Nominal Voltage 120V AC
• 717 Watt, dual-line cord 1+1 PFC
   (dual power supply redundant configuration)


• Operating temperature: 50 to 95° F (10 to 35° C)
•  Relative humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing


•  FCC Part 15
•  UL / CSA

AMS Management Features:
•    Terminal access via serial port for CLI
•    Web browser GUI
•    Secure shell (SSH)
•    XML-RPC 1.2
•    In-band / out-of-band support
•    Front panel LCD for system status
•    SNMP traps
•    Remote upgrades

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