Enсoder Envivio 4Caster C4 Gen III

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High Performance Live Multi-Screen Video Processing

The Envivio® 4Caster™ C4 Gen III is the superior encoding/transcoding solution for producing live Broadcast, IPTV, OTT and Mobile TV video services from a single platform, eliminating the need for separate headends. Envivio solutions deliver unmatched performance and quality. Ingesting and processing video once apply the same compression excellence applied for every screen on any network. From bandwidth-limited mobile delivery to full 1080p HD over high-speed networks, for traditional TVs or revolutionary hand-held mobile devices, to viewers at home or on the move, the 4Caster C4 enables you to deliver impressive images to the

widest array of screens in the industry. The result of years of innovation and hands-on development experience, the 4Caster C4 delivers high-quality services to tens of millions of

subscribers worldwide. It meets today’s goals while providing the flexibility to address future opportunities and make the most of your investment.


• Multi-screen convergence headend


• Digital Cable


• Mobile Broadcast

• Over-the-Top (OTT) TV delivery

• Internet TV / TV everywhere

• Mobile TV

The Best Gets Even Better

With the latest 4Caster C4 release, we’ve improved on our own technology with the introduction of the Envivio Foresight™ algorithm, which provides even higher quality results on H.264 to H.264 transcoding applications. By analyzing the structure and complexity of the incoming streams and utilizing this information to tune output parameters, Envivio provides better quality on all Satellite to IPTV turnaround applications, where a VBR to CBR conversion must be done.


The new Envivio Statistical VBR algorithm further pushes the limit of compression, providing bandwidth and operation savings immediately. Thanks to its open IP-based architecture, the 4Caster C4 achieves the efficiency of closed-loop Statmux without imposing a closed ecosystem.

As the efficiency is independent from the multiplexer, Envivio encoders can be readily deployed within Statmux headends.


4Caster C4 not only supports the emerging requirements for multiscreen applications, but thanks to new support for MPEG-2 SD and HD, CBR, and Statistical VBR encoding, it also supports traditional applications, making 4Caster the most versatile encoder in the cable space.

Common Encoding for Multi-Screen Distribution

By utilizing a common encoding approach whereby content is encoded once and packaged it into multiple formats, the processing capacity of the 4Caster C4 platform is optimized. This in turn provides major performance savings and empowers the 4Caster C4 to produce substantially more

resolutions and output formats than before.

The Best Video Delivery for Every Network

Ensuring a high-quality experience on heterogeneous networks is a complex task because every network has unique characteristics and limitations. Broadcast networks have fixed bandwidth constraints. Satellite and 3G networks must maximize every bit of their limited bandwidth. The open Internet has no inherent Quality of Service mechanism or dedicated throughput guarantees.

Envivio has developed technologies to optimally address the caveats of each network:

• Envivio Statistical rate control for Broadcast distribution over Cable and Satellite

• Efficient CBR for IPTV services

• Adaptive bit-rate (ABR) streaming for Internet applications

• Network-aware rate control for 3G, LTE and 4G


Different networks, services and devices have different requirements. So, Envivio supports all the latest standard video/audio codecs and related transport protocols: H.264 Baseline, Main and High Profile, MPEG-4 Simple Profile, AVS, VC-1 as well as MPEG-1 LII, AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2 and WMA.

Branding, Ads and Blackout

The multi-screen approach introduces several opportunities and challenges: ensuring that content distribution agreements are met, creating effective branding for programming, and realizing new

advertising options. Through new image insertion tools, the 4Caster C4 Gen III enables:

• Insertion of transparent image overlays for branding

• Content blackout without additional equipment

• Ad insertion per device and/or network without additional equipment, utilizing SCTE-35 and EBIF triggers

Metadata for Multi-Screen

In some regions, metadata-driven capabilities are required by government agencies. 4Caster C4 now provides support in the multi-screen space for Closed Caption, DVB-Subtitles and DVB-Teletext for alternative languages and easier navigation. 4Caster C4 automatically transposes all these enhanced functionalities for devices utilizing Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

Protect High-Value Content

Integrated content encoding and encryption safeguard high-value content from the headend to the consumer device. Supported technologies with standard interface with traditional CAS vendors include:

• Microsoft PlayReady DRM

• Windows Media DRM

• AES encryption for Apple HLS

• ISMACryp, Simulcrypt for DVB-H

• CMMB encryption for CMMB

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