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Trilink 5/8FT-11 A
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Trilink 5/8FT −11A connector 2-sectoin, aluminium, 5/8M cable connector of series 11, 5/8″ thread, braided sleeve.

Trilink 5/8FT −11A cable connector is designed for cables of series 11(F1160, F1190).
It is used for cable connection to the equipment with 5/8″ ports (trunk and sub-trunk amplifiers, splitters ,taps, optical receivers with 5/8″ thread at output).

Benefits: simple mounting, low cost, high reliability of connection, simple design (central conductor passes through a cable connector).

It consists of two aluminum sections connected by threat. The first section has an 5/8 ″ external thread (for connection to the equipment) and internal nickel-plated brass sleeve. Second section has plastic crimp sleeve. The crimp sleeve provides reliable contact between braid coating and internal sleeve.

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