Communicate EPG server

Код: 167812
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SI-EPG System provides electronic program guide for digital TV subscribers so that subscriber could find his favorite programs conveniently and rapidly, look over additional information of programs. It also provides the operators a high efficiency management platform which carries out automatic management of producing, editing, censoring, scheduling, uploading and broadcasting for operators  management of broadcasting service information.

Communicate SI-EPG is compatible with DVB-SI EN 300 488 standard



The components for Communicates SI-EPG system:

Is the core device (SI Server, SI injector), peripheral equipment ( EPG record and edit workstation), Communicate SI-EPG system software.


Main features:

  • Program schedule importing directly (Text mode popular on the Internet)
  • Program schedule offline editing
  • Program schedule online editing (based on database with strong and mature function)
  • Supporting Mosaic description with particular and visible edit and convenient operation
  • Schedule searching, querying and editing (according to keyword, time, program classification, parental level etc.)
  • A variety of ways for programs editing to ensure perfect and reliable service information editing
  • Various measures to assure system’s safe running, operation and broadcasting
  • Function modules bring a simple, convenient and safe operation
  • Separate SI edit and EPG edit to simplify operation
  • Program schedule examination before transmission
  • In order to improve operation safety, users are divided into system manager, importer, examiner. (the authorization of censor and recorder assigned further according to broadcasting channels)
  • Optional redundant backup of the double machines, supporting network, database, function module, whole or partial backup of actual and other modes, automatic backup, automatic switch to assure safe broadcasting



Other features:

  • Oracle database, Client/Server system mode
  • Fully compatible with DVB EN300 468 standard, it supports all the tables and descriptors
  • Private descriptor can be inserted into different levels of different tables
  • Real-time state monitor of broadcasting system
  • NVOD service supporting
  • Expansibility, adding EPG record workstations conveniently and linking with the third system
  • Adopting optimum algorithm to transfer data
  • 40 networks, 120 TS, 600 services for each server supporting and 64 days information transmission
  • Flexible assigning transmission data rate of any table
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