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GEPON concentrator UTSTARCOM BBS 1000+


This concentrator along with UTSTARCOM optical network units is a final decision of arrangement of access networks for private and corporate users with gigabit bandwidth at passage of last mile.

Low-budget concentrator BBS 1000+ performed in case 1U is a chassis of 280 mm high with six slots that subject to the customer’s needs can be completed with the following functional modules:

  • 1 slot for GSM module (contains 4 ports of 1000-X SFP Gigabit Ethernet and control ports); - 2 slots for two 4 port EPON modules;
  • 1 slot for ventilation module;
  • 2 slots for one ac power module or for two backup dc power modules.

That allows growing possibilities of the network being built stage-by-stage.
    All the modules have “hot” replacement function that reduces considerably time of recovering of system operability.
    BBS 1000+ has high-speed non-locked interconnect matrix.


  • EPON based on IEEE 802.3 ah standard;
  • Tree-type structure supporting up to 64 connections per one EPON interface;
  • Up to 512 terminal devices are serviced with OLT;
  • Transmission range up to 20 km for 32 connections and 10 km for 64 connections;
  • 2 slots for hot mode changeover 4 port EPON modules;
  • Optic fiber: Single-mode optic fiber with SC connector;
  • Transmission rate: Symmetrical upstream and downstream per 1 Gbit/s;
  • Optical power budget: 29 dB;
  • Lengths of waves: Transmission (Tx): 1490 nm, reception (Rx): 1310 nm; 
  • 4 ports of 1000-X SFP Gigabit Ethernet for backbone connection;
  • Management:1 port RS-232(RJ45), 1 port 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45);
  • Non-locked commutation architecture, flexible detection of addresses VCCI, UL and FCC part 15B, Layer 2 IGMP snooping, VLAN 802.1 p & q,IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation, mirroring of packages of input/output ports, package buffering and extended stream control;
  • Built-in mechanisms of service quality (QoS) : up to 8 CoS turns per each subscriber, 802.1q &q, IPv4 TOS priority, dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), limitation of output bandwidth;
  • Possibility of rating transmitted traffic with accuracy up to 1 Mb;
  • Routing functions of the third level: protocols: TCP/IP, ICMP, ARP, Proxy ARP, OSPF v2, BGP-4, RIPv2, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, IGMPv2;
  • User’s authorization based on: IEEE 802.1x/Radius;
  • 1U in column 19";
  • Power supply: direct current: -48 Volts (2 changeover modules for standby protection)/ ac current: 100/220 Volts;
  • Power consumption: at full loading (2 inside modules): 70 W max., at average 50 W, per each inside module: 23 W max., at average 19 W.
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