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Coaxial cable tools

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F6CX compression connectors installation tool

Manufacturer: Trilink
F6CX-type compression connectors installation tool.
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Crimp tool ОB 59/11, ОB 59/6/7

Manufacturer: Cor-X
Used for crimping of RG59/RG6/RG7/RG11 cable F-type connectors

Coaxial Cable Cutter

Coaxial Cable Cutter is used for cutting of RG6 / RG58 / RG59 coaxial cables. Special patented form of cutting edges allows to cut coaxial cables with CCS core.

Coaxial cable termination tool NT 322

Manufacturer: Cor-X
RG6, 59, 58 cable termination tool.

Cable termination cutter QR-540

Manufacturer: Trilink
QR-540 trunk cable termination cutter
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Coaxial cable termination tool NT 322S

Manufacturer: Cor-X
RG11 cable termination tool.
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