Optical fiber cleaver MAX CI-03

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Cleaver Ilsintech MAX CI-03 is equipped with an oil damping, which greatly improves the quality of the cleavage surface. Damping system reduces the shock load on the fiber, the fiber touches the blade, it can dramatically improve the quality of cleavage (see Figure 1), as well as reduces the wear blade cleaver, increasing its share to 25%.
Cleaver is also equipped with mechanized container to collect the chips fibers. As well as MAX CI-01, this model has a built-in key lock to position the 16-position blade and built-in line to control the length of the fiber shear.

Figure 1: The blade cleaver (left) and photo chips produced by conventional cleavers (center) and with oil damping system (right).

Specifications MAX CI-03

Applicable fiber standard 125 micron fiber
The diameter of the fiber protective coating 250 – 900 mkm
Angle cleaved 90° ± 0,4°
The length of the fiber coating peeled from 5 – 20 mm
The minimum resource knife 60 000 chips
Dimensions, mm 88 х 55 х 48
Weight, g 400
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