Managed converter chassis FoxGate EC-F13-16card

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Managed converter chassis FoxGate EC-F13-16card allows to install up to 16 media converters into 19 inch column. This provides to administrator to control and configure network via TELNET, WEB, SNMP, RS-232 console port.

With an independent power supply on each slot, any converter is hot-swappable without causing an interruption to other converters. Additional Power Supply unit allows to increase the reliability of network unit.

Modifications of boards installed into the chassis:


Single Mode 20 km (in 2 fibers)


Single Mode 40 km (in 2 fibers)


Single Mode 60 km (in 2 fibers)


Single Mode 100 km (in 2 fibers)


Single Mode 20 km (Bi-Direction)


Single Mode 40 km (Bi-Direction)


Single Mode 60 km (Bi-Direction)


Single Mode 100 km (Bi-Direction)


  • Support SNMP V1, V2c version;
  • Support Trap protocol;
  • Support RS232 UART port configuration;
  • Support database backup and restore;
  • Management destination: Media Converter, Power Supply, Fan;
  • Up to 32 Media Converters can be managed;
  • Support auto-store configuration after power reset, include: configuration of Media Converter, Trap IP address;
  • GUI interface base on Windows2000/XP OS;
  • All TP port support Auto MDI-MDIX Crossover.

 Программное обеспечение для шасси FoxGate EC-F13-16card

EC-M-card-F13 - control board chassis.

EC-AC220-F13 - additional Power Supply unit.

The chassis is sold without Power Supply. An additional power supply (EC-AC220-F13) and the control board (EC-M-card-F13) are not included.


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