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Cleaning tools

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Lint Free Clean Wipes KimWipes EX-L

Barefaced cloth KimWipes are meant for fiber cleaning of the remains of buffer coating after it was removed by a stripper.
Manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark

Reel cleaner CLN2-001

The device is designed for cleaning the optical connector end face. Lint-free cleaning tape can quickly and effectively remove dust, oil and other contaminants from the connector butt end. The cleaning process does not require any additional liquids or tissues.
Manufacturer: Cor-X

Sticks to clean the optical connectors and adapters

For cleaning the butt- end of optical connector with a ferrule diameter 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm in the adapter.
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Spare cartridge for roll cleaner CLN2-001

Replacement package of lint-free tape for cleaner CLN2-001. The package includes the releasing and the receiving parts.
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Manufacturer: Cor-X

Alcohol dispenser bottle

Alcohol dispenser bottle is designed for storage of cleaning liquids. It is used for cleaning of optical connectors and preparation of optical fibers before splicing. Alcohol dispenser bottle has a built-in pump for dispensing and economical liquid consumption.
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Plastic alcohol dispenser with a pump

Designed for storage of alcohol and wetting of lint-free wipes during preparation of optical fibers to splicing. Equipped with a pump for economical consumption of alcohol, a protective cover and a locking system that prevents from accidental leakage. Made of high-quality polypropylene.
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Manufacturer: Cor-X