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Engel AN6009A TV antenna


Active Mini Log antenna AN6009A is used to receive signals of analog and digital TV (DVB-T/T2) in UHF bands (Channels 21- 69 ). Manufacturer: Engel Axil S.L. (Spain).

Antenna elements are made of anodized aluminum for light weight and high resistance to corrosion. Mounting assembly is made of galvanized steel. The design allows mounting assembly to turn the antenna 90 ° when receiving signals with vertical polarization , but also allows the antenna tilt up and down at an angle up to 20 degrees.

Antenna AN6009A is able to work both in active and passive modes, antenna automatically switches to the active mode when power supply is in the cable. Wide power supply range allows to feed the antenna as from the DVB-T2 receiver as from another source.

Antenna output has a standard F type connector. Delivery kit also includes the F connector for cable with a rubber O-ring and rubber protective cover.

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