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Analog TV

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Mini modular head-end Terra MMH3000

Mini modular head-end TERRA MMH3000 – is a saving and simple in installation product intended for receiving of DVD-S and DVB-T signals with the following modulation in the networks of collective receiving of TV programs. The possibility of distribution of the MPEG2 transport flow from master module to the several slave modules of decoders-modulators allows to reduce considerably the cost of installation and to simplify a scheme of STV IF signal distribution
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Manufacturer: TERRA


What MSOs require is the highest quality of technical operating costs. ROTON is VECTOR’s response to these needs.
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Manufacturer: VECTOR

Station TRIAX TDH-700

Digital module station TRIAX TDH-700 is intended for forming television and radio signals for subsequent distribution via networks of cable television. It is more suitable for small and medium networks with number of subscribers from come hundreds to some thousands. Wide range of functional modules allows solving any tasks of the content formation. TV and radio programs are received from satellites in digital form and modulated into analog TV-signals within range of 47-860 MHz, possible supply of low-frequent V/A signals from other sources and modulation into TV signals, possible conversion of TV signals received from environment, possible transmodulation of digital packets QPSK - QAM.
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Manufacturer: Triax

Triax TCH station

Intended for small and medium cable networks (till some thousand subscribers); analog and digital satellite receivers, modulators with one side (VSB) or two (DSB) bands; optimal ratio of price/quality; ease of installation and adjustment; easily realized by way of cascading configuration station desired by user; module construction up to 4 digital and 8 analog modules in TCH chassis; possibility of connecting decoders and supplying outer signal to receivers - modulators; full compatibility with DVB-S.
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Manufacturer: Triax