TERRA Sub-trunk amplifiers, series BD204U-5/8, BD213U-5/8

Код: 167929
Type of amplifier:
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Flexibility is provided by built in backward channel modules: passive pd 02-xx, active pr 02-xx, interstage  attenuator JXP-xx, amplitude-frequency characteristic line equalizer, built in inverted line equalizer, smooth regulators of amplification and amplitude-frequency characteristic tilt;

  • Supplied with built in short-circuits;
  • GaAs two-cycle output stage;
  • smooth regulators of amplification and amplitude-frequency characteristic tilt;
  • damp-proof  shielded molded case;
  • test points:
  • at the input – two-directional;
  • at the output – directional.

BA204U, BA213U

  • line supply; F Contact sockets

BD204U, BD213U

  • Distant feed;
  • source voltage transfer to the output(commutation);
  • F Contact sockets.

BD204U-5/8, BD213U-5/8

  • Distant feed; source voltage transfer to the output (commutation); Input and output Contact socket 5/8''

Technical specifications:








Frequency range

Forward channel*

47/75/87-862 MHz

Backward channel*


Effective gain

Forward channel **

36 dB


Backward channel pd 02-xx/pr 02-xx

-2.5/19 dB

Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness***

±0.5 dB

Effective gain range of adjustment

20 dB

Range of adjustment of amplitude-frequency characteristic tilt, Typical

18 dB

Inverted line equalizer

0-9 dB with an  interval 1 dB

Output level CTB, CSO (EN50083-3)****

107 dBµV

109 dBµV

Input and output reflectance factor*****

> 14 dB

Noise figure

< 7 dB

Test point absorption

-20 dB


line supply

230V/50Hz/5.5 W


230V/50Hz/11 W

Distant feed


24-65V/50Hz/6 W


24-65V/50Hz/12 W

Maximum let-through current (switched)


2A max.


2A max.

Case potection rating


Operating temperature range



185×135×76 mm (case); 219×135×76 mm (adjustment dimensions)

Weight (packed)

1.9 kg

1.6 kg

1.9 kg

1.6 kg

* - depends on backward channel module : passive pd 02-xx or active pr 02-xx.
** - with sort-circuit 0 dB instead of interstage attenuator JXP-xx interstage amplitude-frequency characteristic line equalizer; 4 dB and 6 dB JXP-xx attenuators are included in the supply 
*** - for amplifiers with backward channel ± 0.7 dB
**** - measured with an interstage line equalizer 6 dB
***** - at f≥40 MHz, reflectance factor ≥14 dB (40 MHz) – 1.5 dB/octave, but not less than10 dB

Amplifiers BA204U, BA213U block-diagram:



Amplifiers BD204U, BD204U-5/8, BD213U, BD213U-5/8 block-diagram:


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