TELESTE AC 2000 amplifying platform

Код: 048653
Gross (weight):
2.5 kg
Type of amplifier:
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Teleste AC2000

The AS2000 amplifying platform has two active output stages. It is possible to split the output signal into three directions through the integrated splitters (couplers). It is also possible to bypass the input signal (BYPASS).
The AS2000 platform is designed to work in long coaxial lines and split the signal in large and very large coaxial clusters. The AS2000 platform has extra powerful output stages with extremely high output level and low level of intermodulation products (DIN 45004B = 129 dBuV, CSO 42k = 118 dBuV), advanced features of remote management, including innovative feature of ALSC (automatic adjustment of frequency response level and slope on the basis of pilot signals). In the minimum configuration AS2000 is a powerful trunk amplifier with 2 active outputs. Later the AC2000 platform can be gradually equipped with a powerful backward channel amplifier, modern system of monitoring and remote management which allows the remote management of the platform, and the  ARUN (ALSC) functions can be implemented. The required modules can be pre-installed at the plant. Upgrading can be easily done on the operating network on-site directly.


Block diagram:

Структурная схема AC2000


Key features:

  • Cost-effective platform with two active outputs and the ability to be upgraded.
  • GaAs PD powerful trunk amplifier with high output level.
  • Two active output stages.
  • Extremely high linearity and low level of intermodulation products (CTB, CSO, XMOD) at high gain.
  • Output signal can be split by the splitter or coupler inserts in 3RF-outputs.
  • 3main outputs with the passage of remote supply current up to 8 A.
  • Electrically operated remote control modules of slope frequency response and gain.
  • Automatic adjustment of frequency response level and slope - ALSC function.
  • Interstage slope adjustment by the frequency response equalizer.
  • Adjustments for input - the slope by the frequency response equalizer and transmission coefficient by the attenuator.
  • Wide range of the inserts of equalizers and attenuators.
  • Plug-in module of the powerful amplifier of backward channel.
  • Possibility of injection of a test signal of the backward channel through control data points.
  • Developed means of remote monitoring.
  • Availability of monitoring modules compatible with an open HMS protocol.
  • Monitoring modules with integrated signal level meter provide remote measurement of the output level of each analog or digital channel.
  • Remote reduction in the signal level or a complete shutdown of the backward channel (OFF / - 6 / 0 dB) at the coaxial segment damage by ingress noise.
  • Remote measurement of remote power voltage in a line.
  • Remote measurement of the key parameters: output voltage of a power supply unit and temperature in the case.
  • Remote identification of unauthorized opening of the case.
    The platform configuration is kept in the memory system of monitoring.


Technical Specifications

Forward channel

Frequency range, MHz

47 /54/70 / 85...862

Return losses, dB


Gain, dB

2 Χ 31.. .39

Input attenuator adjustment range, dB


Input equalizer adjustment range, dB


Interstage slope, dB


Irregularity of thefrequency response, dB


Group delay, ns


Signal attenuation in a checkpoint, dB


Noise factor, dB


Output level DIN45004, dBuV


Output level CTB, CENELEC42 channels, dBuV


Output level CSO, CENELEC42 channels, dBuV


Backward channel

Frequency range, MHz

5...30 / 42 / 50 / 65

Return losses, dB


Gain (active / passive insertion), dB

2 x 17 / -9,5

Switch position to control ingress noise, dB

0 / -6 / < - 50

Gain adjustmentrange, dB


Slopeadjustmentrange, dB


Irregularity of thefrequency response, dB

± 0,5

Noise factor, dB


Output level DIN45004, dBuV


General characteristics

Hum modulation level, dB


Maximum current of pass, А/ port


Power supply remote, В

~ 27...65 В, ±33...90

Power supply locally, В

~ 205...255

Power consumption, W


EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

according to EN 50083-2

Protection class


Operating temperature range, °С

-40 ... + 55

Dimensions, mm / Weight, kg

220 Χ 255 Χ 100 / 3,0

Input / output connectors


Checkpoint connectors


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