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Multipurpose subtrunk amplifier Bi-Zone DA801A-R

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Multipurpose subtrunk amplifier Bi-Zone DA801 services for TV signals amplification in subtrunk areas of cable TV networks and trunk areas of small extent, and can also be used as a house-amplifier with high output level. Amplifier has one input and two outputs.

Subtrunk amplifier DA801A-R is made with a built-in power supply for connection to mains voltage AC 198 ~ 250V ... But the amplifier DA801B-R is powered by a remote source of AC supply voltage of ~ 24 ... 65V.
The ability to insert the modules backward channel, as well as the interstage attenuator is provided in the amplifier. (Modules of backward channel are not included and are to buy separately).

-high output level;
-changeable module of backward channel and of interstage attenuator;
-waterproof die-cast housing;
-active and passive backward channel;
-input and output connectors are equipped with adapters 5 / 8 to F.





Frequency range

direct channel

47/87-862 MHz

backward channel

5-30/65 MHz


direct channel

34 dB

backward channel RAxx-01/RPxx-01

20/-1,5 dB*

Irregularity of AFC**

± 0,5 dB**

Adjustment of gain factor

20 dB

AFC slope adjustment

18 dB

Max output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B)

120 dBmkV

Max output level IMD3=60 dB (EN50083-3)

114 dBmkV

Max output level IMD2=60 dB (EN50083-3)

117 dBmkV

Input and output backward losses***

> 16 dB

Noise level

<7 dB


-20 dB


-30 dB

Power consumption

Power grid



Remote power supply


7vА/~24-65v/50 Hz

Remote supply current


3А (max.)

Operating temperature

-20 … +50°C


176 х 132 х 78

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