Multipurpose house amplifier Bi-Zone HA3803A (B)-R

Код: 167496
Type of amplifier:
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  • A plug-in module of the equalizer makes it possible to use this amplifier in narrowband networks; in shifting to broad band
  • networks it is suffice just to replace modules of the equalizer;
  • The both equalizers are delivered in set with the amplifier. A filter that improves the amplitude-frequency response of the
  • amplifier at 300 MHz  is replaced by a jump while operating at 862 MHz ;
  • Flexibility in interactive networks is provided by various built-in modules of feedback channel: passive modules RP 30-01
  • Built-in modules are easily replaceable without dismantling the amplifier; 
  • Delivered with built-in contact-makers;
  • A push-pull output stage;
  • Smooth control over gain and gain slope;
  • A metal-plastic case for indoors installation;
  • A test point at the output and a safety-ground clip.

Technical specifications:





Frequency band

forward channel

47/87 - 300/862 MHz

feedback channel

5-30/65 MHz*

Gain factor

34 dB

Non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency response**

±0.5 dB

Gain control range

0-20 dB


0-18 dB

Max. output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B)


119 dBµV


117 dBµV


< 6 dB

Attenuation of test point

- 30 dB


 local power     supply

7 VA/198-250 V/5 Hz


 remote power  supply


5 VA/∼24-65 V/50 Hz

Overall dimensions /Weight (in pack)

107×148×53 mm/0.66 kg

107×148×53 mm/0.43 kg

* it is specified by the module of feedback channel.

**- for amplifiers with a feedback channel, it is ±0.7 dB.

For information on active and passive modules of feedback channel in an amplifier of series HA3803A-R see here.

Block-diagram of amplifier Bi-Zone HA3803A-R:

Блок-схема усилителя Bi-Zone HA3803A-R

Block-diagram of amplifier Bi-Zone HA3803B-R:

Блок-схема усилителя Bi-Zone HA3803B-R

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