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DCG alarm cable for alarm systems and CCTV

Quantity wire:
Material conductors:
Type of construction:


Cable is used for fixed installation of video surveillance systems, intercoms, of fire, security and other types of alarm systems. DCG alarm cable is designed for indoors laying, for cable ducts, conduits and  tunnels. It is a flame retardant cable under a single cabling.

Cable design:

DCG alarm cable is a cable with 4, 6 or 8 insulated stranded conductors and the outer jacket. The cable may contain aluminum foil screen to protect against electromagnetic interference  and powerful pickups . The copper or copper- clad uninsulated drain wire will   direct  induced currents to the grounding system.

Electrical conductors are made of copper (BC) or copper- clad aluminum (CCA).
Conductor’s insulation and cable jacket are made of PVC.

DCG alarm cable marking:

DCG  AlarmCable 4core BC sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 4core BC unsh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 4core CCA sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 4core CCA unsh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 6core BC sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 6core BC unsh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 6core CCA sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 6core CCA unsh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 8core BC sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 8core BC unsh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 8core CCA sh.100m
DCG  AlarmCable 8core CCA unsh.100m
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