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Accessories for Racks & Cabinets

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Fixing set

Manufacturer: Crosver
Fixing set is designed to mount the various equipment in telecommunication racks and cabinets. The set includes one screw, a safety washer, and special nut.

Cable carrier 19/1-25

Manufacturer: Crosver
19/1-25 cable carrier is designed for patch cords organizing and stacking in racks. It is a metal panel with curved petals.

Cable carrier 19/1-12

Manufacturer: Crosver
19/1-12 cable carrier designed for unit cables neatly stacking in racks and patch panels. It is a metal panel with curved petals.

Jumper clamp

Manufacturer: Crosver
Is designed for supporting and laying of closure cables at crossing sections. Can be fastened directly at telecommunication rack by means of fasteners included into the complete set.

Cable organizer 19/1-5

Manufacturer: Crosver
Cable organizer is designed for laying and support of closure cables in a switching rack.