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The angle and sharp straight edges of the top half of the diamond symbol represent Yokogawa’s cutting-edge technology while the gentle curvature of the bottom half represents the warm-hearted nature of Yokogawa’s people. By balancing these two elements, Yokogawa aims to contribute toward the realization of a thriving global society in much the same way as the sun. This property is reflected in the bright yellow of the diamond.

As a company, our goal is to contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information.

Individually, we aim to combine good citizenship with the courage to innovate.
Yokogawa has been involved in the testing field since its founding and has contributed to numerous industries through its supply of test and measurement equipment. Yokogawa measuring instruments play indispensable roles in the development and production of electrical, electronic, and automotive equipment. The Company meets customer needs with a wideranging product lineup and an extensive range of calibration and other services.

Corporate trademark since October 1986.

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Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ1200

Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ1200 is the latest model of optical reflectometers Yokogawa, even more compact and lightweight. Like the other models of Yokogawa reflectometers it provides high measuring speed and accuracy due to intelligent software optimized for measurement of networks of different architectures, and outstanding technical characteristics of the device. Small size and light weight make it ideal for measurements in the field conditions
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Manufacturer: Yokogawa

Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7275

The new reflectometer incorporated all the best features of previous models: availability for service in field conditions, speed and accuracy of measurement, easy operation and high level of comfort for any user. Wide range of inline options eliminates the need for carrying a lot of extra equipment.
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Manufacturer: Yokogawa

Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7260

Improved device characteristics make it possible to measure the line parameters more accurately and with higher resolution, from the three-meter optical cable to the trunk lines more than two hundred meters long. Due to the modular design, not only optical units can be replaced.
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Manufacturer: Yokogawa

Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7270

New OTDR-reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7270 proves than perfection has no boundaries! It has practically all the advantages of the previous model (Yokogawa AQ7260), but even more compact, lightweight and quick in use. AQ7270 is characterized by a record-breaking small dead zone of detection as of today – 0.8 meter. Within a few seconds the reflectometer is switched on and operation can be started, and the inline function of high-speed automatic testing enables the first simplified test to be carried out by pushing just one button. OTDR-reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7270 is designed to facilitate work under conditions of lack of time and free space, when density of information system and price for idle time are very high.
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Manufacturer: Yokogawa