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Manufacturer Global Invacom

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GI FibreMDU - LNB with optical output

Manufacturer: Global Invacom
This modern device makes use of a patented technology to unite signals both of horizontal and vertical polarization into one signal at frequencies of 0.95 – 5.45 GHz.

Optical converters GI FibreMDU Twin and Quad

Manufacturer: Global Invacom
Optical converters GI FibreMDU Twin and Quad were developed to connect LNB to GI FibreMDU optical output through PON network or directly through an optical attenuator.
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Optical converter Quatro GI FibreMDU

Manufacturer: Global Invacom
Similar to converters Twin and Quad, Quatro converter generates IF signal of four fixed polarizations to simplify direct commutation with the system of multiswitches, thus giving free rein to the installer in creating a hybrid system of practically any size.
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