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Manufacturer Envivio

Envivio’s goal is to make the world’s video content universally enjoyable by all viewers, on any device, across any network, at any time. Every day our solutions deliver millions of content streams to mobile phones, set top boxes and PCs in every market in the world on behalf of content owners, telecom operators, cable and satellite companies and mobile service providers.

Envivio offers industry leading AVC/H.264 compressed video quality at the lowest bit rate for mobile TV, PC streaming, standard definition, and high definition television deployments. Service providers worldwide use Envivio systems to reduce their operational costs while offering subscribers compelling video services anytime and anywhere.

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Envivio 4Caster C42 encoder

Multichannel encoder Envivio 4Caster C42 is designed to encode the MPEG-2 TS streams (received at IP-input) to different output formats, thus enabling the efficient delivery of content to receiving equipment of different types: PC, IPTV set-top boxes, and mobile devices. In addition, the encoder can be equipped with one analog input module – to encode the channels from the air or other analog sources.
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Manufacturer: Envivio

Enсoder Envivio 4Caster C4 Gen III

The Envivio® 4Caster™ C4 Gen III is the superior encoding/transcoding solution for producing live Broadcast, IPTV, OTT and Mobile TV video services from a single platform, eliminating the need for separate headends. Envivio solutions deliver unmatched performance and quality. Ingesting and processing video once apply the same compression excellence applied for every screen on any network. From bandwidth-limited mobile delivery to full 1080p HD over high-speed networks, for traditional TVs or revolutionary hand-held mobile devices, to viewers at home or on the move, the 4Caster C4 enables you to deliver impressive images to the widest array of screens in the industry. The result of years of innovation and hands-on development experience, the 4Caster C4 delivers high-quality services to tens of millions of subscribers worldwide. It meets today’s goals while providing the flexibility to address future opportunities and make the most of your investment.
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Manufacturer: Envivio