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Cryptoguard is an access control system for digital television. As an operator for cable-TV you can be sure that only your paying customers is able to view your TV-channels. Cryptoguard uses a high grade encryption scheme to meet the demands of service providers today.

Cryptoguard can be used for satellite-TV, cable-TV and broadcasted, terrestrial TV.

Company offers a solution with low start-up costs which makes it a viable option even for small service providers. Cryptoguard is based on proven technology and operating systems to ensure we can provide the reliable and stable system our customers expect.

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CryptoGuard CAS

Код: 168587
CryptoGuard CAS — is conditional access system for digital TV. Cable TV operator has full control of the subscribers access to TV channels and individual programs. Digital TV signals are transmitted to the network in an encrypted format that allows to restrict access to them and provide access only on a paid subscription.
Manufacturer: CryptoGuard