Официальный дистрибьютор

Ewimar Sp. o.o. since the beginning our priority is the design and production of electronic devices.
A large part of which is built on the needs of security systems, such as Alarm Systems, Access Control and Closed Circuit Television.

They help the implementing of these installations, supplementing them with additional functions, increase the quality of the
mechanical and electrical connections as well as provide effective lightning protection.

Most of the products is created based on many years of experience in security systems installations as well as in response to
suggestions of installers and integrators. With that in mind we supply products with practical solutions and rich diversity of
electronic and mechanical options.

Товары в категориях:

Код: 259075
Manufacturer: Ewimar
Protection of the line: Ethernet
Connectivity: By twisted pair
Channel system: 16
Accommodation: Near the recorder
Efficiency of protection (installation): 1kV/100A (inside buildings)

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