The company’s history has close links with the development of satellite television. A pioneer in this market, Aston began to invest in a dish manufacturing plant as early as the late 80s, with the company already offering products throughout the world. The development of subscription satellite packages was soon to follow, and during the 90s, Aston developed a full range of analogue satellite receivers, followed by digital receivers. By this time, the company boasted its own manufacturing facilities. It also launched a complete range of Control Access Modules (CAMs), incorporating all of the major Conditional Access Systems on the market. Aston was the first company in the world to offer this type of solution. These CAMs are akin to «mini receivers»: the user inserts a subscription card into the device before plugging it, complete with inserted card, into the «CAM reader» slot of their TV set (or their digital receiver) and thus gaining access to scrambled content. Aston remains one of few CAMs manufacturers in the world and offers the most innovative, high-performance range on the market.

Our products remain a cut above the rest thanks to their reliability as well as a host of innovations that over the years have come to be synonymous with the Aston label.

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Код: 168247
Manufacturer: Aston
Encoding: Viacess
Код: 168405
Manufacturer: Aston
Encoding: BISS

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