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Tension clamps

Tension clamp Crosver ASM-7

Type of cable construction:

Tension clamps Crosver ASM-7 (anchor, wedge) are designed to fasten and hold stretched the cables type “8” (with suspending steel wire or cord).

The tension clamp consists of a high-strength body, two clamping captive metal teethed wedges, and a clip of steel rustproof rope.

For convenient hooking by the annular fastening, the hinge can be disjoint. For aging prevention and for uniform load distribution at the fixing point, the hinge is equipped with a dead-eye.


Diameter of the clamped element: from 4 to 7 mm;
Hinge length: 300 mm;
Body length: 70 mm;
Breaking force: not less than 250 kg;
Operating temperature range:  -40 to +60 С;
Dimensions: 370 х 70 х 30 mm.

Installation example:

primer instalyacii Crosver  ASM-10