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Optical cable

Optical cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-28

Type of cable:

Designed for hanging on supports of communication, electric contact networks, between buildings and other objects.

Cable has 5-8 optical modules, which are wound around a central strength member. Modules may contain up to 96 optical fibers. It is a slightly modified design of cable LTxxx-SM-18.
The space between optical modules is filled with water blocking hydrophobic compound. In a cable with a small number of fibers instead of the missing optical modules are used so-called «Filling» modules. The outer sheath is made of UV-stabilized high density polyethylene. Supporting strength element is made of galvanized steel rope, diameter 3.0 mm and provides good resistance to longitudinal tensile stresses.

Optical fiber that complies with ITU-T G.652.D.