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House high-power TERRA amplifiers, series HA203U, HD203U

Type of amplifier:



  • Flexibility is ensured by built-in modules of the feedback channel: a passive module pd02-xx , 
  • an active module pr02-xx,JPX-xx;
  • Built-in modules are easily replaceable without dismantling the amplifier; 
  • Delivered with built-in contact-makers;
  • A push-pull output stage (GaAs);
  • A metal-plastic case for indoor installation;
  • A test point at the output and a safety-ground clip.


                mains supply


  • remote power supply; transfer of supply voltage to the output (switchable)

Technical features:




Frequency band

forward channel*

47/75/87 - 862 MHz

feedback channel*

5-30/55/65 MHz


forward channel *

34 dB

feedback channel  with  pd02-xx/pr 02-xx

-1.5/20 dB

Non-uniformity of  amplitude-frequency response **

± 0.5 dB

Gain control range

20 dB

Gain slope control range

18 dB

Output level of Closed Circuit TV, CSO (EN50083-3)

106 dBµV

Attenuationof test point

- 30 dB

Input and output reflection factor ****

> 14 dB

Noise ratio

< 7 dB

Power demand

mains supply

230 V/50 Hz/12W


remote power supply


24-65 V/50 Hz/ 6W

Maximum through current


0.8 A max.

Range of operating temperatures

-20° ÷. +50°C

Overall dimensions /Weight (in pack)

243×125×53 mm /0.98 kg

243×125×53 mm /0.7 kg

*  depends on the module of feedback channel: a passive pd 02-xx or an active pr02-xx (the modules of feedback channel are

 delivered separately).

** with a contact-maker of 0 dB instead of an interstage attenuator JXP-xx; the recommended maximum value of attenuator 

 is 6 dB (included in the delivery package).

*** for amplifiers with a feedback channel ± 0.7 dB.

 **** With f>40 MHz, the reflection factor >14 dB (40 MHz) - 1.5 dB/octave, but no less than 10 dB.

Schematic diagram